The website has been launched for the Pressing South Letterpress Exhibiton that took place at UNC Wilmington this year.  Take a look at  letterpress prints from artists in the southeastern U.S., including myself and several of my ECU cohorts.

"Testify" by Courtney Barr

To Plant a Tree by Craig Malmrose

"To Plant a Tree" by Craig Malmrose

Ladies Who Pool for Kerry by Hatch Show Print

"Ladies Who Pool for Kerry" by Hatch Show Print


Introduction to Graphic Design Student Work

Sophomore level

Last fall my Pre-press Production class worked together to create a poster that would promote the LSU School of Art. LSU Printing Services was generous enough to donate printing for our project, and to give the students a tour of their facilities. I think it was a rewarding experience for the students to see their poster printed from the digital plates to the final product on a professional four color press. Thanks especially to Kenneth Watson, Steve Radcliffe and Mark Forstall for helping make this project a reality!

The final poster design:


Curved Line Project

Freshman level, Spring 2009
Requirements: Create an abstract composition using only curved lines. The width of each line must be consistent from beginning to end. There is no restriction on how many curved lines are used to achieve your composition.

Typography Student Work

April 3, 2009

Class: Typography, Junior-level, Fall 2008

Project: 7 Squared


Project: Summer Postcard


Project: Newspaper Design


Project: Typographic History


Class: 4526 Pre-press Production, Junior-level

Project: AIGA Disaster Preparedness Poster Competition

Disaster Preparedness Posters

Disaster Preparedness Posters

Project: Ecological Footprint Poster


Project: Group Poster